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Maidstone Aquatics is Maidstone's number 1 Premier Aquatic & reptile shop.

We are a well established family run business for over 20 years on the Loose Road in Maidstone Kent.

Our shop is 2000 sq ft and is well stocked, clean and well presented. Our fish have come from tried and trusted suppliers that give us the best prices and quality that we demand.
We have over 130 modern tropical fish aquariums bursting with the best quality fish from the favourite Neon Tetra to L number Plecs & Discus, lots of coldwater fish too. We also have a vast selection of tropical plants. Outside we have a great range of cold water fish for your pond, we stock goldfish, shubunkins, orfe, tench with sturgeon & koi also. Pond Plants in stock throughout the spring and summer. W
e also have 24 tanks with lots of Marine fish, corals & Inverts including - Damsels, Angelfish, Wrasses, Clownfish, Puffers, Shrimps, Crabs, SPS, soft corals & many more. Regular deliveries are key to keeping an ever changing selection with lots of variety for our customers to choose from. We have delivery's most week's from our tried and trusted wholesaler's.

Our dry goods come from the best suppliers of quality products such as, Juwel, kockney koi, NT labs, Blagdon, Interpet, Aqua one, Oase, API, Biorb, Fish Science, Superfish, Tetra and more.

We still believe that customer service is a state of mind and not a department!!



We are an honest and trustworthy family run business here to help you, offering fantastic customer service, product support and the knowledge to help you be successful with your hobby!!


"You've tried the rest now visit the best"

Call us on 01622 757583 we will be happy to help.

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